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2012 College Football Betting: Heisman Trophy Award

John W. Heisman Memorial Trophy Award – Saturday, December 8

Several betting websites around the United States are surely taking odds on the Heisman Trophy, but those odds should not point to a wide range of possible winners for the award. From a legal online sports betting perspective, it seems apparent that there’s a heavy favorite for college football’s most prestigious individual award and one of the most special individual awards in all of American sports. There’s a certain mystery and magic to a Heisman Trophy, an aura that envelops the winner. A young man, 20 or 21 years old, sweeps through 12 precious Saturdays (or sometimes, Thursday nights) and rides a crest of emotion as he lifts his team much higher than the pundits or the naysayers ever imagined.

When a professional athlete wins an MVP award in his league, there is a definite amount of professional satisfaction attached to the award, but it’s less powerful if only for the fact that a pro athlete, if an elite one, will have many more chances to win that same piece of hardware if he stays healthy for a decade or more. In college football, the Heisman Trophy is so much more coveted because a player will often have only one or two years, and surely no more than four, in which to snatch this piece of history, a piece of history that fewer than 80 men have won. Only one man, moreover, has been able to take home the award twice: Archie Griffin of Ohio State in 1974 and 1975.

When you pore over the numbers in an online sportsbook, it’s going to be hard to pick against Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel in this race for the Heisman. Manziel seems to have gained critical acclaim from pundits and a groundswell of public enthusiasm, one which normally accompanies the voting for the Heisman award. Former Heisman Trophy winners have their say in picking the winner, and while some of them might pay religious attention to the college football season, some of them certainly don’t remain riveted to the sport in the years after they step away from it as a player. For this reason, the player who makes the biggest late-season impact is often the one that takes the award. By this metric, Manziel – who won at Alabama in November and then led another surge against Missouri in his season finale – has likely accumulated so much momentum and so many votes that he’ll be able to outdistance the field by a considerable margin. Only Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has acquired a similar spotlight and

won a similar amount of high-profile respect in recent weeks. Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein, the only other player who is really in this conversation, has faded from public view thanks to a loss to Baylor in November, one that knocked Kansas State out of the running for the national championship.

When going to any online outlet to make a college football betting play, you should realize that Manziel is not a slight favorite over Te’o for the Heisman. He is a heavy one. A freshman is about to become the first winner of the Heisman, an award first handed out in 1935.

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