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3 Reasons Why Jameis Winston Is The Heisman Trophy Shoe-In

ameis Winston Is The Heisman TrophyBy Ricky Winnor 

1 –He’s been consistently great

Wager Solutions is a place that enhances sports betting, and when betting on the Heisman Trophy, there’ no one you should be betting on for first place other than Jameis Winston of Florida State. The quarterback has struggled in one quarter here and there during the season, but over the course of a four-quarter game in 2013, he really hasn’t had one subpar showing yet. Winston is a freshman who doesn’t get rattled. He makes firm and clear decisions. He throws a tight spiral and a very accurate ball. He knows when to stay in the pocket and throw, and he knows when he must leave the pocket and run. His worst games are still above-average games. His best games are absolutely amazing.

Winston has presided over an offense that puts up large point totals week after week after week. The other Heisman contenders, such as they are, have not come close to replicating Winston’s mechanical consistency. They have not been able to avoid turnovers to the same extent, in most cases. They have not played as well in huge games, such as Florida State’s 51-14 win on the road against Clemson. Winston has been more reliable than Johnny Manziel. He’s been more athletic and impressive than Jordan Lynch of Northern Illinois. He’s won more big games than Andre Williams of Boston College. He’s had fewer mediocre games than a number of other players in the Heisman chase. He is the leading offensive player on the team that is by far the best in the country.

2 –The other candidates have stumbled

Any pay per head sites that take bets on the Heisman or other aspects of college football would readily say that the contenders for the trophy have not done themselves a lot of favors over the past few weeks in the attempt to catch Winston. Marcus Mariota of Oregon struggled in November. Lynch struggled in the MAC Championship Game, in which Northern Illinois was not only beaten, but pounded, by Bowling Green. A.J. McCarron’s chances evaporated when Alabama lost to Auburn. Braxton Miller of Ohio State couldn’t make winning plays against Michigan State in a game a lot of college football journalists and broadcasters (and former players, also part of the community of Heisman Trophy voters) were watching.

Winston is the player that truly left no real negative impression over the course of the season – not for his football, at any rate. As soon as it became clear that Manziel – viewed for much of the season as the main contender to Winston – was not going to win the award, Winston basically clinched it. Manziel fell apart against LSU, all but ensuring that Winston would be seen as the best player in the country.

3 – Winston wasn’t charged with a crime

Themoment Winston avoided charges of rape or sexual assault in a case that had been lingering for roughly a year, the final legal hurdle was surmounted on the road to the Heisman, plain and simple.

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