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NHL Predictions: Sabres at Penguins

The best online sportsbook experts are not the only ones taking note of the Buffalo Sabres’ recent run towards the playoffs. The Sabres are featured in several spots on the NHL’s website as a team to keep an eye on for the rest of this shortened season. The Sabres are four points out of a playoff spot with only five games remaining in their schedule. While the Sabres have several things working against them, the team is still staying in good spirits and doing everything it can do to chase down that eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

The sports betting services are still seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins as the team to beat in the Eastern Conference, despite the loss of Sidney Crosby for the remainder of the season and playoffs to a broken jaw. The Penguins have a very comfortable lead in the Eastern Conference standings, which means that the team will be spending the rest of the season trying to figure out how to play without Sidney Crosby. Considering the veteran talent that the team has, surviving without Sid the Kid really should not be a big problem for Pittsburgh.

Buffalo Sabres

There are two hurdles that the Sabres will have to conquer if they want to make the playoffs. The first problem that the sports book experts see is that Buffalo is the only team in the Eastern Conference with five games left in their schedule. Every team that the Sabres are chasing has at least one or two games at hand over Buffalo. The other problem that Buffalo has is that it only has 13 games won in regulation or overtime this season. That is the first tie-breaker in the conference standings and the Sabres have the second lowest total in the entire conference. But Buffalo pushes forward and tries to gain as many of its remaining 10 points as possible.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The bet online sports experts have honestly not seen any ill effects from the loss of Sidney Crosby. The Penguins have a lot of veterans that know how to play through key player injuries. The recent acquisition of Jarome Iginla also helps to balance a locker room that could otherwise be in a lot of turmoil. But the Penguins remain focused on its goal of a Stanley Cup and hope to keep its winning momentum going.

The Bottom Line

The Sabres will battle with desperation in this game and it may be just enough to get the win in regulation that Buffalo will need. But at this point in the season, there are too many things stacked up against the Buffalo Sabres to realistically expect a successful playoff run. The Sabres will win this game, but it may be too little, too late for the team’s playoff chances.

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My Pick: Buffalo Sabres

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