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The Top NHL Free Agents for 2013

The best sports online betting experts are already taking a look at the crop of 2013 NHL free agents and trying to project which teams are ready to make a move. Sportsbook agents know that fans always want to find out if their team will be buyers or sellers in the free agent market when July rolls around. With this list of free agents out and about, a lot of teams may be buyers who did not previously expect to be active in the market.

Jarome Iginla

Right now, the 35-year-old Iginla is finishing out his current contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins. For the first time in his career, Iginla will be testing the free agent waters with the serious intention of making a change in his career. The betting online sports experts seem to think that Iginla will stay in Pittsburgh if the Penguins win the Stanley Cup. But if Pittsburgh falls short, then look for Iginla to consider offers.

Potential Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins

Niklas Backstrom

The Minnesota Wild’s goaltender will be given a lot of incentives to stay with the Wild. Some experts are estimating that Backstrom could be given as many as seven million reasons to stay with the Wild. But at 35 years old, Backstrom may start believing what the sports betting websites are saying when they say that Minnesota is not a Cup contender. He may want out and he will command a high price.

Potential Teams: Minnesota Wild, Montreal Canadiens, Florida Panthers, Dallas Stars

Patrick Elias

The New Jersey Devils have a reputation for not paying high salaries for extended periods of time to players not named Martin Brodeur. Patrick Elias has had a good run in New Jersey, but it is highly unlikely that the Devils will want to pick up his expensive contract for multiple seasons.

Potential Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Colorado Avalanche

Teemu Selanne / Jaromir Jagr

The NHL’s ageless wonders may have finally run their course. It would be up to Selanne and Jagr if they wanted to keep playing. But at 42 and 41 years old respectively, it is hard to imagine many teams ponying up the money to get these two guys. But, still, if they want to play another season, there will probably be teams lining up to sign them for that one more year.

Potential Teams: Unknown

Mark Streit

Just when the New York Islanders start to build a winning team, one of their best veteran defenseman comes up for free agency. The fans of the Islanders want to believe that Streit will stick around to help finish what he started in New York. But there is a lot of uncertainty on Long Island that may inspire Streit to start looking elsewhere for employment. His services would be highly coveted by a lot of teams, but look for the Toronto Maple Leafs to make the biggest bid for him.

Potential Teams: New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings

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