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What Will Happen to Some of the Veteran NHL Players When the Season Ends?

The best sports betting sites saw how much of a difference a player like Jarome Iginla made to the Pittsburgh Penguins or Jaromir Jagr made to the Boston Bruins. Most people do not realize that Iginla had a chance to join the Bruins just before the trade deadline, but he opted for the Penguins instead because he felt that Pittsburgh had a better chance at winning the Stanley Cup.

Now that the Stanley Cup finals are here, many of the sports betting services experts are wondering what will happen to many of the veterans that made moves to be on better teams in 2012-13. Will these players return to their teams, or will they ride off into the sunset and retire? For most of these players, the choice is not so obvious.

Mikka Kiprusoff – Calgary Flames

When Jarome Iginla was negotiating his way out of Calgary, goaltender Mikka Kiprusoff was also offered the chance to end his career with a Stanley Cup contender. But Kiprusoff decided to stay in Calgary because that is where his family now lives. The best sports betting sites are also reporting that Kiprusoff also told the Flames that he will be retiring when this season is over. The announcement has not been made yet, but most people are expecting Kiprusoff to keep his word and retire from the NHL.

Tomas Vokoun – Pittsburgh Penguins

Goaltender Tomas Vokoun was brought into Pittsburgh to offer an alternative to Marc-Andre Fleury if Fleury should falter in the playoffs. When Fleury did falter in the playoffs, Vokoun stepped in and took over. Now Vokoun is expected to be the starter for Pittsburgh when the 2012-13 seasons starts. That leaves a big question as to what the Penguins will do with Fleury, because Pittsburgh does not want to have two starting goaltenders on the roster.

Jaromir Jagr – Boston Bruins

Regardless as to whether or not the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, the sports betting websites expect Jaromir Jagr to give one last salute and hang up his skates for good. Jagr has been helping teams to win Stanley Cups since the early 1990s, and it is about time that this championship caliber player hung up his skates and called it a very successful career.

Jarome Iginla – Pittsburgh Penguins

Jarome Iginla went to Pittsburgh to win a Stanley Cup and it is rumored that he will be in Pittsburgh for at least one more season to give it another try. Iginla’s resolve to play one more season may be strengthened if the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, considering that Iginla passed up playing for the Bruins to play for Pittsburgh. The most that people can expect out of Iginla would be two more seasons and then that will probably be when the superstar decides to call it a career.

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