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Looking Ahead to ALDS

Bet on BaseballIf you were looking to bet on baseball this postseason and missed Tuesday’s AL Wild Card opportunity, then you can still look forward to wagering on the AL Divisional Series. Unlike the Wild Card Game, this will be a 5-game series, meaning that there will be even more excitement and more opportunities to cash-in on this time around. This year the first American League Divisional Series will be between the winners of the AL East, the Boston Red Sox and the winners of the AL Central, the Cleveland Indians. Both teams are excited to be competing in the postseason, considering it has been several years since either team has qualified. The Sox finished the regular season going 93-69 while the Indians finished with a record of 94-67. But despite the fact that the Indians had a better record, the odds are still favoring Boston in Game 1.

American League Divisional Series Game 1 – Thursday the 6th of October

Boston Red Sox -1 ½ (+115) 8 ½ (-110) -141
Cleveland Indians +1 ½ (-135) 8 ½ (-110) +131

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If you were looking to bet on baseball’s divisional series, as well as catch the game, you can tune in at 8:00 pm EST this Thursday. The game will be streamed by MLB on TBS but fans who are on the road can still listen to the broadcast by tuning into ESPN Radio. Game 1 will be played at Progressive Field as well as Game 2, while Game 3 & 4 will be played at Fenway Park (if the series goes to 5 the last game will be played at Progressive Field). All games will be broadcast by the same networks, but Game 2 & 3 will begin around 4:00 pm EST. The start times for Games 4 & 5 have yet to be announced.

The Red Sox will begin the series on the road. Boston wasn’t exactly the most commanding team in the AL East, but behind their offenses ability to put up runs in quick succession, the Red Sox ended up taking the division. There’s no mystery to how they did it, Boston just kept running up the scoreboard until their opponents got tired. The Red Sox led the MLB with their average of 5.42 runs and their .282 BA in the regular season, and fans can expect similar success in the playoffs. Boston also proved themselves a power team with their 208 homers, and showed off their speed this season with 83 steals. Pitching wise Boston wasn’t terrible with a 4.00 ERA. Rick Porcello will be the man heading to the mound for Boston after finishing the year with 22 wins, 4 losses, and a 3.15 ERA.

Cleveland has been talented for quite some time now, but has had a hard time shining in a division that houses both Kansas City and Detroit. This year the Indians were able to come out on top and are not about to let the opportunity go to waste. This year the Tribe shone a bit brighter on offense with 4.83 runs scored on a .252 BA. The Indians may have only gotten 185 homers this season, but they were one of the fastest teams with 134 steals – 4th best in the MLB. Behind that quickness, Cleveland’s defense was able to win out their games with a 3.84 staff ERA which ranks 7th in the league. Trevor Bauer will be facing off against Porcello after finishing the year with 12 wins, 8 losses, and a 4.26 ERA.

While predicting the outcome of the playoffs can be difficult, if you were looking to bet on baseball’s ALDS, you might be better off siding with the Red Sox.

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