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Hendricks Will Provide Toughest Challenge Yet For St. Pierre

When it comes to the most dominant UFC champions, there is a bit of a grey area between that success being admired and being considered a negative for the promotion. While UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has long been considered one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history, there are those that feel the lack of star power in the division makes it somewhat boring since there aren’t many contenders to challenge him. While GSP has had his way with the welterweight division for more than five years now, there are a couple of potential contenders that may have a shot at dethroning him. That includes the current No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks, who could get a title shot as soon as this October.

St. Pierre has targeted October as a return date, and according to UFC President Dana White it will be Hendricks that gets the next shot at his title. Hendricks has now won six-straight fights including three first-round knockout wins, and after filtering through a handful of top-10 welterweights there is little doubt he will provide GSP with the strongest challenge. Hendricks has already taken out Josh Koscheck, Martin Kampmann, and Carlos Condit on his way to becoming the No. 1 contender, and his pure power and skill level will be enough to push St. Pierre to the limit. Hendricks also has a strong wrestling background and is a little more versatile than some of the recent opponents GSP has faced, which should make for one heck of a fight this October, with plenty of action available at www.betonline.com/sportsbook

Another contender that may stand the next best chance at beating St. Pierre is Carlos Condit, who lost to GSP in a UFC Welterweight title fight at the UFC 154 event in November of 2012. While Condit did have his chance and lost, and then followed that up with a defeat at the hands of Johny Hendricks, it’s impossible to overlook how close he actually came to beating St. Pierre. Condit landed several big blows in that loss and even stumbled the champion at one point, so if he does manage to get another shot eventually it could be Condit that takes GSP down. It certainly didn’t help that he lost to Hendricks, but there is little doubt that he is right there among the top-three fighters in the division right now.

While Hendricks and Condit are at the top of the list of contenders that might be able to take out GSP, there is one more name on the list of challengers that cannot be overlooked. 28-year old Jake Ellenberger is considered a rising star in the sport, and after back-to-back wins over Jay Hieron and Nate Marquardt he might not be that far away. Ellenberger scored Knockout of the Night with his first-round knockout win over Marquardt at the UFC 158 event in Montreal, Quebec, and if he manages to string together one or two more online sports betting wins against strong competition he could find himself earning a title shot against St. Pierre.

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