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Night of the upsets: Recapping UFC 196

The UFC, and MMA in general, has no short of upsets. This is what is making this sport so exciting and a popular event for top sportsbooks and online betting sites. This past Saturday night was no exception. This event was built around two fighters who have been featured on the media on the past few months. Holly Holm was fresh of shocking the world after handing Ronda Rousey a knockout that would become the biggest upset MMA probably has ever seen in its history. Conor McGregor became an instant sensation and the most popular fighter on the sport after dropping Jose Aldo Jr with just one punch. Both natural strikers came in as heavy favorites, both found themselves losing by submission holds.

For the better part of the fight Holm controlled the fight, many MMA pundits consider that, if Holm would have hold on until the end the fight would have been hers on decision. And even in defeat Holm looked pretty bad ass, refusing to tap out and even passing out from a chokehold, bringing the first upset for top sportsbooks and online sports betting sites.

Mesh Tate threw in a wrench in UFC’s plans for UFC 200 and the long awaited rematch between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Tate had been for years a contender that got way to close but never managed to win the championship. Roused nearly tore her arm out in a previous encounter, and after Holm beat Rousey experts everywhere did not consider Tate to be a threat to the big fight planned for a later date. Now, with Tate holding the championship belt, that women’s division has a several possible scenarios for future fights with a lot of names floating around of possible contenders.

As amazing as it was, Tate’s upset was quickly overshadowed by what was going to come later. Top sports betting sites like M88 had the Main Event fight with odds at Nate Diaz as underdog at +385. Diaz feat was impressive, he was notified of the fight 10 days before, he didn’t have too much time to prepare, but as soon as he stepped up to the challenge, all of the sudden the fight gathered a lot more attention. McGregor was the overall favorite, but he had to move up two weight classes in order to meet Diaz. The size and reach advantage for Diaz was evident as soon as the fight started. And even though Conor managed to get some great strikes in, Diaz submission technique paid off at the end, when McGregor tapped out at the second round.

UFC 196 will propel Diaz as a main event talent that will be getting more prominent fights and even maybe a tittle match. McGregor got served a dose of humble pie and will likely move on to face Jose Aldo once more. Both fighters will luck to UFC 196 as an event that changed both their lives.

It was reported during the weekend that if you were to have placed bets on Top Sportsbooks online both Tate and Diaz, you would have walked away with some serious bankroll. Those lucky individuals who managed to pick the correct winners of both fights will have some extra change in the pocket this week.

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