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2012 NBA Basketball Betting: NBA Basketball Weekend Preview for April 21-22

Bet on NBAGame 1: Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets – Saturday, April 21

Top betting lines experts should not have to rack their brains or scour over data with feverish intensity and an acute sense of worry. This is a game that lines up in Houston’s favor all the way, from every conceivable angle or line of interpretation. First of all, the Rockets have lost four games in a row to temporarily cede the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference to the Phoenix Suns. With only one more week left in the season, the Rockets know that they have to get back on the beam and post some victories so that they can make their way into the playoffs. Houston will be a very motivated team in this game, and it will also be at home. Those are two convincing reasons to pick the Rockets, but there’s more to recommend them. First, the odds suggest that Houston won’t lose the rest of its regular season games.

This team has done too much to get to this point without trying to reverse course and shake off its losing skid; the Rockets are still an above-.500 team. They’re not horrible.

A final reason to pick Houston is to simply consider the team the Rockets are facing. Golden State hosted San Antonio on Monday night, with the Spurs resting their three best players: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. One would think that when an NBA team sits its three best guys for a road game, the home team – even if it is not particularly distinguished – can mount a strong challenge. The Warriors fell behind by 30 points midway through the game and were thoroughly dismantled by San Antonio. That does not say very much about them; they appear to be tanking on their season. Pick Houston without much of any worry at all this Saturday.

NBA Basketball Betting Pick: Houston

Game 2: New Jersey Nets @ Milwaukee Bucks – Saturday, April 21

When you do your homework and assess your sports bet on this game, you will quickly find that a lot of the dynamics at play in the Golden State-Houston game above also apply to this tilt between the Nets and the Bucks. New Jersey is simply playing out the string and has demonstrated very little acumen on the floor this season. The Nets controlled the Miami Heat for 42 minutes this past Monday, only to collapse in the final six minutes and allow the Heat to win. A Milwaukee team that (like Houston) is playing just to scramble into the playoffs from the ninth position will be far more motivated than New Jersey. The Bucks are also playing at home, and they know that they can’t drop a game that they’re fully expected to win. There’s no need to complicate things – Milwaukee is the clear pick here.

NBA Basketball Betting Pick: Milwaukee

Game 3: Cleveland Cavaliers @ San Antonio Spurs – Sunday, April 22

The when you take a quick look at this game in an attempt to make an online betting selection, you don’t have to think very long or hard. The Spurs have a chance to get the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs and are playing at home. The Cavaliers are playing out the string, finishing off a brutal and disappointing campaign. There is no real choice here. San Antonio should clean Cleveland’s clock.

NBA Basketball Betting Pick: San Antonio

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