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2013 NBA Betting: Preview For the 2013 Finals

The Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks the last time they played a team in the state of Texas in the NBA Finals. They will be happy to simply remain alive in this series after Game 5.

2013 NBA Finals, Game 5:

Miami Heat @ San Antonio Spurs – Sunday, June 16

Sportsbook line: No line

Why Miami Will Win

When making your next play at any of the premier sports betting sites on the market, it will be entirely reasonable to pick the Heat in this contest. In bet online reviews, you will see that the Heat are more determined and resilient than they were in 2011, when they folded in the face of the Dallas Mavericks’ scrambling, paint-packing defense. In that series, Miami took a 2-1 lead after three games, winning Game 3 on the road in the Lone Star State. At that time two years ago, no team that had won Game 3 of the NBA Finals in a 1-1 series had ever gone on to lose the series. Game 3 winners in 1-1 series had won on all 11 occasions. Miami, though, became the first Game 3 winner in a 1-1 Finals to lose the series, as Dallas roared back by winning Games 4 through 6 to shock the Big Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Miami, having lost Game 3 of what was a 1-1 series against San Antonio, is now in a position to rally, whereas it faltered from a position of strength in 2011. The Heat took a punch from the Chicago Bulls and overcame a 1-0 series deficit to win a second-round Eastern Conference series in five games. Then the Heat had to win in Indianapolis in the Eastern Conference Finals in order to survive the Pacers. Miami won Game 3 of that series to re-take home-court advantage. The Heat were pushed to seven games by the fearless Pacers, but they pulled through in seven games. The Heat have been superb in moments of adversity, moments when their manhood was challenged. Whether this series is tied at two games apiece or sits at 3-1 in favor of the Spurs, don’t count out Miami in this situation. The Heat are at their best when other people doubt them.

Why San Antonio Will Win

A pay per head bookie service that takes business on this contest might lean to the Spurs because of one key factor: There will be two full days off between Game 4 on Thursday and Game 5 on Sunday. This extra break could be just the thing to revive the body of San Antonio point guard Tony Parker, who suffered a hamstring injury after Game 3 on Tuesday and entered Game 4 on Thursday in a state of manifest uncertainty. If there were questions about Parker’s health and wellness before Game 4, those questions should be less urgent heading into Game 5. Game 4 hasn’t even started yet, making it impossible to fully gauge the backdrop to Game 5 on Sunday, but regardless of the Game 4 result, Parker should be in a position to not only play, but play well, in Game 5. That reality alone would give San Antonio a pronounced psychological lift while also improving the ability of the Spurs to dictate tempo and play the game the way they want to play it.

Who Will Win?

The sense here is that while Miami will show some desperation in this specific game, the Spurs should be able to pull through with a healthier and more lively version of Tony Parker on the floor.

My Pick: San Antonio

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