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Bulls vs. Lakers Betting Preview – Sunday, March 10

The Chicago Bulls have definitely had a better season than the Los Angeles Lakers, but the Lakers have steadily improved over the past month and are playing at home. Who will win?

Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Lakers – Sunday, March 10

In the realm of sport betting online, you’re probably going to find a lot of debate about this game among bookies and the betting students who scour various 5dimes.com reviews during an NBA season. The calculus involved in assessing this game is as complex as anything you might see in online poker. The thing that one needs to realize is that while the Lakers have gotten better in recent weeks, Kobe Bryant did experience a slight elbow injury this past Tuesday in a loss at Oklahoma City. Bryant came back into the game shortly after the injury, but one wonders just how precise and effective he’ll be in this contest on Sunday afternoon. How Bryant’s elbow progresses (or regresses) during the course of the coming week is what will affect a betting play for the savvy basketball bettor. One shouldn’t commit to making a finite decision until more information is known about Bryant’s elbow.

Let’s say, though, for the sake of argument, that Bryant is able to play very close to 100 percent capacity this Sunday. How would the matchup take shape between the defense- first Bulls and a Laker team coached by an offense-first guy, Mike D’Antoni? One of the most fascinating matchups in this game, and probably the most significant one, is the clash between Laker center Dwight Howard and the Bulls’ best defensive big man, Joakim Noah. Howard has more weight and bulk in this confrontation, but Noah is so sound with his positioning and footwork, and he has the swagger and attitude that enable him to be a first-rate NBA defender and rim protector. Howard has gotten better in recent weeks, and that’s part of the reason why the Lakers are moving up the board in the Western Conference, closing in on the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets for a spot in the playoffs. However, Howard certainly regressed this past Tuesday against Oklahoma City and looked lost at times, replicating a trend that has existed for much of the

regular season. If one had to pick a winner in the Howard-Noah battle, it’s probably going to be Noah. This gives the Bulls a key advantage.

Can Los Angeles offset this Chicago edge? Yes – Kobe Bryant can certainly go off and have a big game. Moreover, Chicago is still without Derrick Rose, meaning that the Bulls – for all their excellence on defense – could still get gummed up on offense. Chicago will need Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng to hit a reasonable percentage of mid-range jump shots. As long as the Bulls can get decent shooting and can hang with the Lakers in that department, their defense should be able to produce a win on the road in the City of Angels.

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