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Can Anyone Stop the Miami Heat?

The sportsbook experts really thought that the Boston Celtics would put a stop to the colossal winning streak of the Miami Heat. While the Celtics came extremely close to stopping Miami, the Heat won the game and the winning streak continues. By the time the weekend rolls around, the streak will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 or 25 games. Can anyone stop the Heat? It does not look good for this weekend.

Lob City is in full effect in Los Angeles as the Clippers make their charge towards the playoffs. The best online betting sites are still not sure if Los Angeles will be able to catch the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs to compete for the top spot in the Western Conference, but the Clippers are certainly making it interesting.

Saturday – Brooklyn Nets @ Los Angeles Clippers

The bookmaker betting software is thinking that the Los Angeles Clippers may have a tough game on its hands when the Brooklyn Nets come to town. The Nets have been consciously working on its road record the past couple of weeks in preparation for the playoffs and things have been going well. The Clippers had a rough time on the road last week, but there is always no place like home.

My Pick: Brooklyn Nets

Saturday – Sacramento Kings @ Denver Nuggets

A sportsbook review shows that the Denver Nuggets have a 13-game winning streak going on that is being overshadowed by the Heat. But there is a growing sentiment that the Denver winning streak could be in trouble when the Sacramento Kings come for a visit. The Kings are in no danger of making the playoffs, but the team would love to play spoiler for a young Denver team that seems to be playing above and beyond its capabilities at this point.

My Pick: Denver Nuggets

Sunday – Charlotte Bobcats @ Miami Heat

If the Miami Heat makes it to the weekend with its streak intact, then it will make it out of the weekend with another victory added to that growing streak. The Charlotte Bobcats are in no position to push the Miami Heat around, especially in Miami’s own building. Charlotte’s 6-28 road record is just one of the many reasons why Miami should have no problem in this game.

My Pick: Miami Heat

Sunday – Portland Trail Blazers @ Oklahoma City Thunder

With a 9-25 road record, the Portland Trail Blazers probably do not have the fire power to compete with the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the Spurs having a tough game to play in Houston against the Rockets, the Thunder will want to take advantage of every chance it gets to move closer to the top of the Western Conference standings. This will not necessarily be an easy game for OKC, but it should be a game that the Thunder wins.

My Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder

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