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Can The Clippers Prove The Critics Wrong And Win NBA Title?

Over the last six months, the Los Angeles Clippers have seen their popularity rise from that other LA team who could be bet right here, to a team that fans and media alike can openly cheer for. Like that distant cousin that was never talked to at family functions until they got famous, the Clippers have seen a ton of band wagon jumpers interact with them this season. While the issues that surrounded the Clippers of old still remain, this is very much a different team than March Madness betting enthusiasts have become accustomed too. Today we wonder, if the LA Clippers can finally become a contender for the NBA Title. Join Now to Bet on this Game!

Led by former first overall pick in the 2009 draft Blake Griffin, and top five point guard in the league Chris Paul, the LA Clippers are currently experiencing their best season, since moving to Los Angeles. Sitting comfortably in the fourth spot in the Western Conference, the Clippers house a record of 28 – 21. For powerhouses such as rivals the LA Lakers or the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, such a record would be considered a bad season. Nevertheless, the fact that the Clippers are still owners of a winning record after losing 11 of their last 18 games has fans very optimistic. While bookie software sites are guaranteeing a Clippers playoff appearance, they are completely discrediting any chance of an NBA Title opportunity.

The reason for this, is that the Clippers are still experiencing issues that should have been fixed by now. The main issue is that the Clippers simply can’t play defense on a nightly basis. Sure they lead the league in slam dunks, but when you are down by 12 with two minutes remaining, does the latest dunk really make a difference? In an effort to reel in the defensive lapses, the Clippers recently experienced a scoring drought, where they didn’t score over 100 points in seven straight games. As a result, sportsbook reviews from across the league were wondering if the Clippers had in fact hit the wall that so many young teams experience, as they build toward a championship.

With this in mind, and the fact the Clippers had dropped 11 of 18 games, the issue of a coaching change was brought up amongst the media. In fact, when the Clippers lost three in a row for the first time all season last week, NBA writers felt it was only a matter of time until a new Head Coach by appointed. While that still may happen, it appears as though current coach Vinnie Del Negro, and GM Neil Oshey will at least be around for the rest of the season. As we pointed out earlier, many handicappers believe that the Clippers will be done by the first round. If that is to happen, you can all but guarantee, that both Del Negro and Oshey will be replaced in the offseason.

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