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Grizzlies against Thunder Semi Finals Analysis

New battle between both teams, and new uncertain outcome this time was decanted from the Grizzlies, who for one night, and will not be the last, were the team of Mike Conley.

With just under two minutes the Thunder led the match by two points thanks to the good work of Kevin Durant, but it was the time in which the basis of Memphis decided it was time to take control of the betting game and not let fly a get another chance to steal the homecourt, rising well with a victory in the feud of the Thunder. This first got a triple that turned the scoreboard after assistance from Marc Gasol, and moments later, managed to harness change defense executed the premises in a ‘pick and roll’ between himself Mike and Marc, and the subsequent slow recovery Seflolosha to get a goal from six meters that decided the game.

But up to that point both teams battled fiercely in a game until the foundation left Ohio State took over, was completely open. On the one hand the Grizzlies were living thanks to the amount of points earned after loss goal, and as always, thanks to its strength in offensive rebounding (down 37.2% of those available) and subsequent second chance points. This factor was accentuated when Scott Brooks decided to use again Durant as ‘false four’, that while getting open the field and cause suffering to the inner pair Grizzlie on duty,-as Hollins would not play the game at the Brooks- offensive side, the Tennessee began to prevail with more authority and yet continually sought a Marc defended by Durant in the low post.

The Thunder on the other hand lived much of the game from Kevin Durant generating spaces for the number of shooters that completed the match, because even in the setting of ‘small ball’ was Ibaka who dominated the center, and as usual, left the area to get open shots after assistance. Therefore, the spacing of the field was full, and it was Derek Fisher who else took those spaces, taking over from the first game of the figure of a Kevin Martin much more discreet this time, to say that their level was unsatisfactory.

So the game followed a few paths similar to the previous in that Durant had the support of his teammates during the game, and it seemed that in the final moments would he who decided the game. But though at first glance looked to be well, further analysis determined that the situation had changed. First, because the support the leader of the Thunder was intermittent, and secondly because the offensive Grizzlie Conley found on the third point, and if you work only with the best pair of pivots of the competition the previous game about them ko leaves, adding Conley was a last push. In fact, in terms of efficiency, the Grizzlies went to 110.7 points per 100 possessions (12 more than in the previous game), that to get an idea, during the regular season would have meant the best record of all, and would stand plus almost 11 points higher than the average allowed by the Thunder.

Another adjustment of the Grizzlies was that in the course of the game if they sent some aid on Durant figure, and even turned their zone defense in front leaving most vulnerable position pointer from the corner position in the defensive schemes each time takes on added importance. But the slogan was to reduce the contribution of the second best player of the competition and agree to be beaten, it would be by the figure of KD. This time the strategy worked because there was too wise and defensive rotations tap the shots reached ultimately. The result was victory, but the move is risky.

Keys for the upcoming game:


– Durant need help to keep the party afloat, and by the next game will be in a hostile environment to change the number of court.

– The Thunder have always been characterized by not having excessive care of the ball, and if we add the loss of Westbrook and the fact that the Grizzlies are one of the best defenses in terms of force errors in the match, quickly leads to the conclusion that the care of the ball is key. In other words, 19 losses are unacceptable.

– The ‘small ball’ is a possibility, but if they do not suffer too much in the defense of the Grizzlies is a weapon that can kill them. They should use Collison mobility with the ability to get Ibaka in the area, and at least counteract the power rebounder Memphis.


– Tony Allen still not be comfortable, but at least last night was very active on the defensive end. Follow integrándole in the game is key for the Grizzlies.

– This time told a tremebundo Conely, but not always be able to provide this level. Someone else needs to step forward off the bench, otherwise everything can be complicated.

– In both parties has set the tempo of the game in which they feel more comfortable Grizzlies (92.3 in the first game and 89.5 in the second), and despite that the warring Thunder have always options. Parties must continue to monitor this.

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