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How Good Will The Houston Rockets Be With Dwight Howard?

At www.sportsbetting.ag/live-betting or any other reputable betting outlet where you can get the latest NBA odds and analysis, you know that the nature of each regular season and playoff battle depends on the composition of each franchise’s roster. Some whispers and rumors have flown fast and furious over the past week, and one of them is that Dwight Howard might end up with the Los Angeles Clippers. However, the non-Los Angeles Laker team that might have the best chance of landing Howard for the 2013-2014 campaign is the Houston Rockets.

Sports betting sites know that the Rockets would become a much-discussed team if Howard goes to Texas to play professional basketball. It’s worth dedicating some time and space to the possibility of Howard stepping onto the same floor with James Harden and Jeremy Lin as teammates. Just how would the reality of the Western Conference change with Howard wearing a Houston uniform? The fit seems good in terms of a skill set, but not in terms of personality or the coaching situation in H-town.

In terms of bringing a specific skill set to Houston, Howard would be a good fit on the surface. The Rockets are an open-court team that loves to shoot the three-point shot. They have some grinders, such as rebounding-and-defense specialist Omer Asik, who can make hustle plays and complement the team’s agile wing scorers. Howard, as an effective and muscular low-post scorer, would indeed give the Rockets something they had been missing. Howard could become the low-post threat who will benefit from great floor spacing caused by the Rockets’ ample supply of quality three-point shooters. One can see how the Rockets would become a lot more difficult to defend with Howard on the floor. Howard is no slouch defensively, and that means a number of things, including this: If Houston wants to get away from a fast-paced, small-ball lineup, it could go big with Asik and Howard, thereby controlling the glass offering two imposing rim-deniers for opposing point guards and centers to deal with. Houston, with Howard, could be able to play – and win – while using different styles of ball. The addition of Howard could enhance the Rockets’ versatility and depth.

On the other hand, this move could backfire on Houston if the Rockets do land Howard. The hard reality to accept about Howard is that he wore out his welcome in Orlando with the Magic. His daily dramas and frequent complaints rubbed his teammates the wrong way; they also put former Orlando head coach Stan Van Gundy in a difficult political situation. Howard did not easily blend in with the Los Angeles Lakers this past season, squabbling with Kobe Bryant about available touches at the offensive end of the floor. He was part of a dysfunctional environment that Kobe was not able to change for the better. Howard is not a team-first player, something Houston needs to keep in mind before it makes a move.

Ultimately, Howard needs a strong and respected coach who can whip him into shape and make him accountable for his actions. Doc Rivers or Gregg Popovich could make Howard listen and adjust his ways. Houston coach Kevin McHale has not shown that he would be up to the task of getting Howard in line. That’s the main reason why getting Howard probably wouldn’t work for the Rockets.


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