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NBA Betting: Mavericks vs. Hornets Preview

The Sunday slate this upcoming weekend in the NBA is a mixed bag, which means that while it has some playoff-based battles, it also has contests between teams playing out the string.

Dallas Mavericks @ New Orleans Hornets – Sunday, April 14

In the realm of sports betting online, this game is not one of the best on the docket this Sunday. Regardless of the particulars of your arrangement with a per head service, though, you can still find value in a betting play, even if the teams involved are not going to make the postseason. There’s something to appreciate and capitalize on in any NBA encounter.

Examining reviews during an NBA season will give bettors a lot of information to work with. Some of that information will be legitimate, but some of it will provide a false sense of confidence in a team, a hollow indication of what’s actually happening from day to day. When you look at the New Orleans Hornets, you will see a team that, on one level, has a promising future. Big man Anthony Davis has steadily gotten better over the course of the season, in large part because head coach Monty Williams has not overloaded him with either minutes or complicated assignments. Williams knew that Davis, coming out of college as a freshman, needed to be brought along slowly instead of being overwhelmed with responsibilities and pressure. This approach has worked well. It has kept Davis fresh and given him a nice balance between court time and bench time. Davis has been able to absorb lessons when sitting on the bench, and he’s been given a simple and confined set of instructions for the minutes when he takes

the court. He’s in position to make a great leap forward in his second season, and that’s a reason to like the Hornets in this late-season tilt. Davis has a better chance of making a large-scale impact on this game. However, New Orleans shouldn’t be trusted based on what you’re seeing from Davis.

The underlying reality surrounding the Hornets is that they’re being affected by dissension at the moment. Eric Gordon, an oft-injured player with a mercurial temperament, got into a verbal skirmish with Williams last week during a game. Gordon is a player the Hornets need to take pressure off their big men. He is looked to as a foremost source of scoring production. Without a committed, team-first approach from Gordon, the Hornets are a diminished club. It would seem that Gordon’s future with the franchise is in jeopardy, and when you bet sports, you need to be able to read the signs and discern the tells that are given by an NBA team. In this case, New Orleans – coming apart at the seams – does not inspire much of any confidence this late in the season. The Dallas Mavericks might not make the playoffs, but they’ll probably play with more professionalism than the Hornets in this contest. Take Dallas on the road.

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