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NBA Predictions: Phoenix Suns Are an Ultimate Underdog Coming into the 2015-16 Season

Those making their NBA predictions and looking into betting statistics for the upcoming year may not see the Suns as a huge favorite. Besides, after finishing 39-43 last year, Phoenix is undoubtedly labeled as an underdog coming into the 2015-16 NBA season. But there still may be at least some hope for them if everyone stays healthy.

The Phoenix Suns are looked down upon mainly because leading point guard Dragic had such a good assist game, and he is no longer there. (He recently signed a two-year contract to play in Moscow Sports Illustrated reports.) Many NBA predictions experts will still remain in Phoenix’s favor, though, simply because of the outstanding effort put forth each time the team is on the court. People still have faith in the Suns even though guard/forward Gerald Green is also gone (Miami just signed the free agent this summer).

Green’s loss is a big blow to the confidence of the Suns fans, especially the NBA betting fanatics in Phoenix who were looking forward to pulling for the home team this year. They are really going to miss Gerald, who was averaging just over 14 points per game. If he had gotten more playing time, then that average would likely have increased. At around 25 minutes per contest, his time on the bench was not very long. And with the way he shot from behind the three-point line, about five more minutes of playing time a game could’ve equaled an even more unbeatable Suns’ offense last year. For example, Green was 4 for 8 against Indiana on December 2nd last year, 3 for 7 against Dallas some days later, and shot 50% from long range on the December 6th in Houston.

Those participating in NBA betting are happy that the Suns still have Eric Bledsoe, a guy who has been improving his game play for a couple of years now in the scoring department. In the last few seasons, he has almost doubled his yearly percentage from just over 8 points to 16 a game. It has seemingly happened since he left the Clippers, and Suns Coach Jeff Hornacek seems to have taken notice of Eric’s extra efforts to help keep Phoenix a threat in the West.

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