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NBA Preview For Games on Friday, May 3

Western Conference First Round, Game 6:

Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies – Friday, May 3

No matter which sports betting bonus and online casino bonus you would like to trust, you have to think that Memphis has turned a corner, while the Los Angeles Clippers no longer stand as the favorite in this series. Memphis bullied the Clippers in Los Angeles in Game 5 on Tuesday night. What was particularly important for the Grizzlies is that Marc Gasol – who had struggled for much of the regular season – found his rhythm and laid waste to the Clippers’ front line. Gasol’s ability to score reliably in the low post takes pressure off teammate Zach Randolph and enables Memphis’ frontcourt to become that much more lethal. Another big development from Game 5 was that Tayshaun Prince, the midseason acquisition from Detroit who was brought aboard for his defense, hit multiple big shots in the fourth quarter to extend Memphis’ lead.

Because of the composition of the Grizzlies’ starting five, Randolph and Gasol will get the lion’s share of shot opportunities, with point guard Mike Conley creating opportunities thanks to his quickness off the dribble. Prince was not shooting the ball well in the first four games of the series. His emergence in Game 5 means that the Clippers have to take him more seriously as a perimeter shooting threat. If Prince continues to hit outside shots, Memphis will become an enormously difficult team to defend. If Prince can merely occupy his defender on the wing, Randolph and Gasol will have more space in which to operate as low-post players.

Any premier online sportsbetting establishment will also realize that while Los Angeles superstar point guard Chris Paul scored 35 points in Game 5, none of his teammates scored more than 15 points and none of his fellow starters scored more than six. Where was Blake Griffin in all this? Good question. Griffin entered Game 5 with a high ankle sprain suffered in a Monday practice. He tried to play through it due to the stakes involved, but he was ineffective in 20 minutes and checked out of the game for good midway through the third quarter. If Griffin isn’t effective in Game 6, and there’s little reason to think he can be, Memphis will call the shots and close out the series.

My Pick: Memphis

Eastern Conference First Round, Game 6:

Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks – Friday, May 3

When leafing through bet online reviews, you might realize that the Atlanta Hawks are known for playing wildly uneven playoff series in which home teams don’t just win, but dominate. Atlanta lost to Boston in the 2008 first round, going 3-0 at home and getting blasted four times on the road. The Hawks beat the Miami Heat in seven games in 2009, winning three laughers at home, suffering two blowouts on the road, and splitting two close games in which the road teams won. In 2010, Atlanta beat Milwaukee in the first round in a manner that was very similar to the 2009 Miami series. This team simply cannot find a way to be consistent… but the flip side is that the Hawks do manage to play well at home. When engaged in sport betting, you should value history, and if history is an indicator, the Hawks will manage to grab Game 6 on their own floor in Georgia.

My Pick: Atlanta

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