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NBA Weekend Preview: Can Chicago Win A Statement Game Without Rose?

The Sunday slate this upcoming weekend in the NBA is a stacked one, with nine games for basketball bettors to choose from. Chicago’s visit to Indiana is a featured attraction.

Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers – Sunday, March 3

In the realm of sport betting online, this game is one of the best on the docket this Sunday. For bookies who take in a lot of action on NBA basketball, this game is going to be a fascinating event, a chance to see how two Eastern Conference contenders are evolving with the playoffs less than two months away.

Examining topbettinglines.com reviews during an NBA season will give bettors a lot of information to work with. Some of that information will be legitimate, but some of it will provide a false sense of confidence in a team, a hollow indication of what’s actually happening from day to day. When you look at the Indiana Pacers, you could be led to think that this team is a major threat in the Eastern Conference. Perhaps that’s true. The Pacers did beat the New York Knicks by 34 points on Feb. 20, and they then beat the Detroit Pistons by 32 points on Feb. 22. Yes, those were two very convincing performances by the Pacers, two clear indications that the rest they gained during the All-Star break did the team a lot of good. Indiana is obviously fresh once again, playing with the energy it expects to display on defense each time it takes the court.

However, you need to be able to read the signs and discern the tells that are given by an NBA team, much as you need to look out for nonverbal cues in online poker. In this context, Indiana’s impressive start to the second half needs to be seen for what it is.

Indiana gained a second wind thanks to the break, but as the second half of the NBA season continues and marches toward the playoffs, will the Pacers be able to sustain the same level of quality? Chicago, a team that is made in the same mold as the Pacers, prides itself on defensive energy and work ethic as well. Chicago, with its front line of Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah plus Taj Gibson off the bench, can match Indiana’s size and length near the rim. The Bulls can take away the Pacers’ halfcourt offense, especially since Indiana is just beginning to re-integrate Danny Granger into its offense. Granger returned to the team this past Saturday, Feb. 23, against the Detroit Pistons. The star forward was dogged by injuries that kept him out for the first four months of the season. His inclusion in the Indiana lineup creates a difficult balancing act for the Pacers, who want to get him going but don’t want to overburden him, either. Chicago might soon face the same issues with Derrick Rose, but the Bulls have not yet arrived at the point where Rose will be able to rejoin them. All in all, this feels like a coin-flip matchup, simply because Indiana is in a state of flux. However, home-court advantage has been good to Indiana, and for that reason, one should take the Pacers here.

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