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The Weekend Brings Drama in the NBA

If you are betting on the NBA this season, then it is time to hold onto your hat and settle in for the final playoff push. There are two weekends left in the NBA regular season and this one coming up promises to be very interesting. The sportsbook experts have been following all of the streaks that have gone on in the NBA this year and that has helped the best teams in each conference to rise to the top of the standings. As this weekend approaches, everyone will be keeping a close eye on where certain teams wind up when the weekend is over.

Saturday – Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat

There was a time this season when the 76ers were able to hold their own and challenge for a playoff spot. But it was evident that the team gave up too much for Andrew Bynum when it started to fade right out of the Eastern Conference playoff race. Without the eccentric Bynum, the 76ers are a footnote to this season. The Miami Heat is looking to finish of a season sweep of the 76ers in a home game that should be an easy win for the mighty Heat.

My Pick: Miami Heat

Saturday – Houston Rockets @ Denver Nuggets

The online bookie world is confident that both of these teams will make it into the playoffs, although the Rockets do not have the luxury of feeling comfortable with the Los Angeles Lakers hot on their trail. The Denver Nuggets is the team that no one is talking about in the NBA this year, but it is one of the fastest rising teams in the league. The Nuggets have given up only three losses at home and the Rockets are in no position to challenge a team with that kind of dominance.

My Pick: Denver Nuggets

Sunday – New York Knicks @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Earlier in the season, the 5 dimes reviews of this game could have called it a potential NBA Finals preview. But the Knicks just do not have the bench it needs to get past the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference. That does not mean that the Knicks cannot win this game. The Thunder has a habit of losing high profile road games, which could come back to haunt Kevin Durant and friends in the playoffs.

My Pick: New York Knicks

Sunday – Los Angeles Lakers @ Los Angeles Clippers

The Staples Arena will be rocking for this game as these teams head into this contest ready to play. The Lakers have finally found their step and the Clippers are just coming out of a slump that almost cost the team the Pacific Division lead. This will be a fun game to watch because it has been a long time since both Los Angeles teams had something to prove in the same game. But the Lakers are a bit banged up and that will affect the outcome here.

My Pick: Los Angeles Clippers

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