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Famous Touchdowns in NFL history

NFL Odds for the Dallas CowboysTouchdowns (TD) provide the most thrilling moments in the National Football League.  TDs are accompanied with a lot of exciting runs and catches that make sure that sure the NFL retains its fan base. Here are some of the most memorable Touchdowns in the history of NFL:

  1. Titans Vs Chiefs 01/06/18. One of the most famous and enthralling TDs was when Marcus Mariota the prolific Titans bundled a wonderful pass deflection and sprinted in for a six-yard TD. Mariota became the first quarterback (QB) in history to complete a Touchdown pass all by himself. As reported by topbettinglines blog, this proved to be an essential score for the Titans who came back from a deficit of 18 points to upset the favourites Chiefs 22-21.
  1. Eagles Vs Giants 19/11/1978. This is one of the most famous plays which will go down in the books of NFL. The play is dubbed “Miracle at the Meadowlands” but the Giants fans mockingly call it a “Fumble.” The Eagles were left with no timeouts and they were on the back foot 17-12 with 31 seconds left on the clock. Giants’ quarterback Joe Pisarcik fell back and lost the ball. Eagles’ Herm Edwards took the fumble and ran with it 26 yards to claim a game-winning Touchdown (TD).

Even though the script of this match date as far as 40 years ago it deserves its own episode to make people realise how action-packed NFL has been ever since the beginning and it’s still getting better and better. Now there are even real money slot casino online games based on the sport.

  1. Vikings Vs Packers 11/06/2000. During the display in this encounter, the whole stadium remained spellbound. Antonio Freeman pulled a shocker when he caught the ball before it hit the ground. Everyone in the arena could not believe it, but men lie, kids lie but video replays don’t lie. This was one of the TDs which will go down in the history of NFL. The 43-yard TD granted the Green Bay Packers a 26-20 triumph that escalated the rivalry between the two teams.

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