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Where Are They Now? : Fired NFL Coaches from 2012

The NFL season was a rough one for the head coaches who lost their jobs. Some online sports betting experts were not surprised when some coaches were fired, while other coaches seemed to remain in their positions for too long. The end of every NFL seasons seems to bring a purging of coaches. Let’s take a look at where some of the coaches who were fired in 2012 are at now.

Chan Gailey – Fired from Buffalo Bills

When Chan Gailey took the Buffalo head coaching job in 2010, nobody else wanted it. If you do live betting at Sportsbetting.ag, then you remember the process the Bills went through to try and find a coach. Even former head coaches who were desperate to get back into the business, like Jon Gruden, turned the Bills down. After three seasons of frustration, Gailey was fired by the Bills.

Despite being contacted by at least two teams, Chan Gailey has decided to take 2013 off and enjoy his family. He says that it is his first real break since his playing days and he feels it is a well-deserved vacation.

Andy Reid – Fired from Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid is still the most celebrated head coach in Philadelphia Eagles’ history, despite being fired from the team at the end of the 2012 season. The 2012 campaign was almost surreal for Reid who lost his son during training camp and then watched as his agent got into a war of words with the Eagles’ owner. When it was all said and done, Reid was out in Philadelphia.

Andy Reid definitely landed on his feet as he was immediately hired as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have been building a team that Reid thinks can be a contender and there is a lot of optimism in Kansas City.

Lovie Smith – Fired from Chicago Bears

Lovie Smith was the head coach of the Chicago Bears from 2004 to 2012. He took a team that never had a real quarterback to the Super Bowl. But after nine seasons, the Bears lost patience with Lovie and fired him.

Lovie Smith is still unemployed, but there are several teams who have expressed an interest in his services as a head coach. At this point, the only real offers Smith has received are for defensive coordinator jobs. Smith has indicated that he will sit out 2013 if he does not get a head coaching offer.

Norv Turner – Fired from San Diego Chargers

Norv Turner was thrown into a bad situation when former San Diego head coach Marty Schottenheimer was suddenly fired despite developing a Super Bowl caliber team. Turner was never able to get the full potential out of the Chargers and he was fired after the 2012 season.

It did not take Turner long to land on his feet as he took the job as the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. Turner’s intense style is already in full effect as he is requiring all offensive players to report for an optional mini-camp.

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