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NFL Week 8 Betting Odds and Picks: Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are 9-point favorites, at sports betting websites, over the Green Bay Packers. Should the best online sportsbooks spread remain thus, it’d match the biggest spread as an underdog in Aaron Rodgers’s starting career. In a regular season game, at least. The only other previous time Rodgers was a dog of 8.5 […]

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Bet on the Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs Favorites vs. Denver Broncos for Betting at Week 8

Online sports betting USA establishments favor the Kansas City Chiefs by 9.5 points over the Denver Broncos. The Broncos snapped a four-game losing streak in a 45-10 routing of the Arizona Cardinals. You know the expression, “enjoy while it lasts”? Since that win took place on Thursday before last, Denver has had extra time to […]

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Best Tips on NBA Betting

Tips on NBA Betting Betting in any sport is fun. It adds an extra twist to the game that is being played. And there is more to look forward to for the sports fan, and that is real money prizes. The thrill of betting in real games is the same as the thrill that one […]

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NFL Odds for the Dallas Cowboys

Famous Touchdowns in NFL history

Touchdowns (TD) provide the most thrilling moments in the National Football League.  TDs are accompanied with a lot of exciting runs and catches that make sure that sure the NFL retains its fan base. Here are some of the most memorable Touchdowns in the history of NFL: Titans Vs Chiefs 01/06/18. One of the most […]

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All-Star US Sportsbook Action for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend

The All-Star break is upon us which means it’s time for US sportsbook players to get ready for some All-Star betting. This year’s contest is keeping in line with the new format introduced this year and even added a twist by allowing the two captains, who were the two players to win the highest amount […]

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Soccer Betting

Is the English Premier League a Closed Shop?

There has been a growing voice in football that leans towards the suggestion that promotion to the Premier League is becoming a closed shop. This basically means that only a certain number of teams can possibly have a chance at getting to the “promised land” of the Premier League and that it is the teams […]

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