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Barcelona to Sign Two More Players

Neymar already signed, the center is expected to arrive and third arrival is likely this summer at Camp Nou, a striker.

President Sandro Rosell confirmed last week that in this transfer market could get one or two more elements to the team, claiming the former is the center, but leaving in the air what the second. A reliable soccer tips with high winning rates: Professional soccer tips point of view looks to be a 9, an element that is essential in Barcelona, ​​but it can relieve a lot of Lionel Messi.

The Argentine striker is the main marker of rivals, they know that Leo is not be left alone, while on the wing and Pedro, Alexis, Villa and Tello can be as dangerous as the Rosario. The Albiceleste Messi has offered a player in front of him and felt how well, the club wants to find someone who can help ‘the flea’ with that selection. David Villa is close to leave the team this summer and Tito Vilanova’s bid to put it before Messi has not paid off, not because the approach is wrong, but because the ‘Guaje’ has failed to reach its highest level shown above, be the reason.

But nine is not a priority for Barcelona, ​​because even without it can keep winning and win titles, should finally go for his transfer will be sought in the last days of the transfer market. It is not intended to find a Lewandowski, but someone with the profile of ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez if not he will be best suited. A player who gets the ball and shot on goal, making the score generated by marking Messi.

The approaches of Vicente del Bosque with Selection of Spain in the Confederations Cup, we do see that the club can play with pure nine. So did the Salamanca with Roberto Soldado to Uruguay and the result was successful. The 4-1-4-1 was the approach of Spain and so I can use the Barcelona, ​​especially when facing defenses structured as I lived in this season’s Champions League.

Experience and a good price is what is sought in the nine intended. Someone who takes the place of Larsson, as could perhaps Miroslav Klose. In the market there are several options, but as the main need is to find the center, he will be the last trading by the striker, which might not even reach this summer either.

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