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Some of the World’s Biggest Soccer Stadiums

Some of the World’s Biggest Soccer StadiumsSurely if you have tried sports betting on online casinos you will know that soccer is one of the most popular sport games right now. Therefore, we would not be doing much justice if we side-line the most important aspects of the game. Among these, we obviously have to include the soccer stadiums themselves.

Let us have a look at some of the biggest soccer stadiums right now.

The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

To those who thought soccer is popular in Spain and Britain well, here is one piece of evidence that soccer is famous everywhere.

The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium can be found in Pyongyang, North Korea. It happens to be the largest soccer stadium in the world.

According to bestussportsbetting, the 1989 soccer stadium can hold 114, 000 spectators and is mainly used for matches and other athletic events.

Camp Nou

Spain is definitely one of the most popular soccer cities in the world. All thanks to La liga. This is where popular teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona come from.

The Camp Nou was built in 1957 and became the biggest European stadium.  It can be found in the city of Barcelona and is also the home stadium of the popular soccer team FC Barcelona. Additionally, it has a sitting capacity of 99,354 spectators.

The FNB Stadium

If you were wondering why the world cup came to South Africa in 2010, well here is your answer now. The First National Bank stadium is in Johannesburg, South Africa. Also it is the biggest stadium in Africa right now.

The Stadium has a sitting capacity of 94,736 and had the honour of hosting the final world cup match between Netherlands and Spain in 2010. With this, we’ve also saw the rise of online sports betting sites giving fans the opportunity to make extra cash by predicting the final score.

Also, it happens to be the last place where the most iconic African leader the Late Nelson Mandela made his last appearance.


If you are planning on going on a soccer history holiday. Well, you can go and have a first-hand experience of these biggest soccer stadiums.

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