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How to Get Rich by Betting on Football

Bet on BaseballMoney might not be able to buy everything, but that doesn’t mean you would say no to getting rich.  What about getting rich from betting on football – not the American version but the one the rest of the world plays?  That’s right, it can happen and if you follow these tips, then you might just increase the odds that it could happen to you.

Start by Knowing Your Targets

You can’t take a shotgun approach to sports betting.  Instead, you should approach it as if are a rifleman (or woman) by carefully choosing your targets.  This starts by knowing your targets.  After all, how can you choose them if you don’t know them?

Next up, you will want to do your homework.  This means following the club’s website and social media to get the latest news, tracking fan blogs, and going to the league’s website to access the treasure trove of data that you will need to decide which bets to make.

Another suggestion is to check out a site such as TopBettingSite, which will give you information on the best betting sites for football. In addition, to being a venue to place your bets, the site you choose should provide some additional information which will aid you in your selection process.

Mix it Up

Variety is the spice of life and this holds true when it comes to betting on football games as well.  As such, you will want to familiarize yourself with the different types of bets which you can lay down on football games.

The reason for this is simple.  If you are only place one type of bet, then you are missing a golden opportunity to hedge or better yet to increase your profits.  So, get to know your bookmakers and the different types of bets they have on offer.

Become an Excel Ninja

Today, this means more than being able to put together a ‘pretty’ spreadsheet.  Instead, your skills will need to extend to VBA (Virtual Basic for Applications), pivot tables, linking data from online sources, and maybe even AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You might think this is too technical for you, but the reality is that success in football betting – or sports betting in general – then you will need to be comfortable with statistical analysis and this means becoming an Excel ninja.

Live Football

I don’t mean becoming the president of the supporter’s club of your favorite team.  Instead, this means getting into the nitty gritty on all the details that go into running a top-flight league.

As such, you will need to track every transfer, every injury, as well as knowing who is hot and who is not.  However, it doesn’t end there.  You will also need to look at the managers and how their competing tactical game plans will play out on the field.

You might think this is all you need to know but you would be wrong.  From there you need to be able to spot a ‘value’ bet.  That is a bet that will allow you to compete with the bookmakers on even ground.  Now, these bets don’t come around often but if you want to get rich betting on football than you need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Have a Plan

A staking plan to be exact.  You might be asking what is a staking plan, well it is plan to help you minimize losses by making sure your betting does not go off course.  This can be difficult when you are betting on sports – especially if you are laying money down on your favorite team.  But if you are serious about making money from betting on football, then you need to have a plan and make sure you keep your emotions out of it.

Another key element of your staking plan is what is known as a ratchet mechanism  – while these are also common in investing, let’s see how this applies to betting.  This predetermined trigger allows you to increase the size of your bets based on current performance.

As you can see betting on football is a lot like being an investor as you need to keep your emotions out of the equation.  So, if you want to be successful have a plan and then have a mechanism to adjust it; this way you can get rich by betting on football.

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