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Matched Betting Calculator & Matching Excel Spreadsheet Tool

As a sports gambler, it might amaze you to learn that modern technology and a highly competitive online sportsbook industry have made it possible for you to earn guaranteed profits while betting on your favourite sports. Now, you need to read the last part of the sentence time and again until it has soaked into your mind. You can earn a guaranteed profit betting on sports.

How is That Possible?

The process you would use to create these guaranteed winnings while betting on sports is known as matched betting. Matched betting is a fairly new approach developed by astute gamblers who have discovered the perfect way to leverage free bets from online sportsbooks into real, guaranteed profits. It is important to note this revolutionary methodology will work for both professional and novice sports gamblers alike.

How Matched Betting Works

You will need to open two online betting accounts to facilitate your matched betting. The first account you open needs to be with a reputable online sportsbook(s) with a strong tradition of offering free bets as introductory and reload incentives. The second account will be with one of the popular betting exchanges.

Step 1: – Assuming the initial free bet offer from the sportsbook requires you to make at least one real money bet to earn the free bet offer, you should proceed by placing the smallest qualifying “back bet” allowed. A back bet is best defined as a traditional bet on a side using a point spread and/or money line. For instance, a £100 bet on Manchester United to beat Arsenal at +£160 is a back bet. After placing the back bet, you will need to immediately go to your betting exchange account and “lay” the bet off by acting as the bookmaker and accepting the same £100 bet from another gambler. Even if you have to offer +£170 to get someone to make the bet, your loss exposure is limited to the spread between the two wagers. If Manchester wins, you win £160 from your sportsbook and lose £170 through the exchange, creating a net loss of £10. If Arsenal wins, you lose £100 to the sportsbook and win £100 through the exchange, creating a push.

Step 2: – Now that you are fully qualified to receive free bet offers, you will use the exact same betting methodology, except now the bets you make with the sportsbook are going to be made with your free money. Using the exact same betting example and assuming you get a free bet value of £100, your guaranteed winnings should look like this: If Manchester wins, you collect £260 from the sportsbook and lose £170 on the exchange for a net profit of £90. If Arsenal wins, you lose nothing at the sportsbook (it was a free bet) and win £100 at the exchange for a net profit of £100. Even taking into account the £10 loss you incurred trying to qualify for the free bet, you still have earned profits 80% or 90%, respectively, of the free bet amount. Note: based on the spread you have to sacrifice to lay the bet with the exchange, you’re guaranteed profits should always range between 75% and 100% of the free bet amount.

Not bad for such little effort. In order to make the process even easier, you might want to consider using a matched betting spreadsheet as a matched betting calculator to help you calculate the guaranteed winnings from a particular betting situation. For quick access use this matched betting spreadsheet as a calculator in excel. By using this matched betting spreadsheet, you can quickly identify the most lucrative spreads on the board and start making money with no risk.

Note: Matched Betting only works with free bet offers that also return the stake amount on winning bets. Do not attempt this method with “stake forfeited” free bets. Also, be sure to deduct any exchange commissions paid (usually 5% of wagered amount) from your winnings calculations.

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